Distributed Parallel Multipole Tree Algorithm

We evaluated dpmta package zip in Visual C++ (VC.Net).

We have created projects in Visual C++ , it can be downloaded , built and executed. Cpp-application contains some original testprogramms and c-application some new testprogramms, which define different structure of the particles.

cpp-application zip          c-application zip

The original and new testprogramms can be executed in Cygwin too.

cygwin zip

This is a documentation, what we have done in VC.net and Cygwin.


To make self a new application in VC.Net or in cygwin you need the dpmta package and some additional programm files (see in cReadMe).

additional programm files zip

The programm code changes can be seen also here.

source code changes for VC.Net

On the following website can be found more about Fast Multipole Algorithm.

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